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It doesn't get more local than this.

Maybe that's why so many people drive so far to get here.

A visit to Hudson's historic downtown Main Street walking district is like wrapping up in a warm blanket of charm, surrounded by a thriving business community. Our location offers a unique blend of New England-style elegance and small-town hospitality.

Visit Hudson's and take time to enjoy our unique dining experience — one that can make you feel like you live here or remind you why you do.

Hudson's is run by the Altomare family — John and his two sons, J.J. and Kevin, who have become known as the "three foodies". They are active in this community and are committed to its vibrancy.

Since opening in 2006, Hudson's has become an instant landmark and the perfect end to a road trip (or a brisk walk) for your palette.

80 N. Main St. Hudson, OH 44236

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